• NCBA 5 Frame Honey Bee Nuc With Italian Queen
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NCBA 5 Frame Honey Bee Nuc With Italian Queen

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5 Frame Honey Bee Nuc Bees With Italian or Queen. We have worked with this bee supplier for many years and have had great success. This will be a 5 frame colony with a strong, laying queen with superior hygienic genetics. Queens have been selected for hygenic behavior, strong honey production, successful over wintering, and disposition of offspring. Queens are sensitized to Rocky Mountain Climate. Delivery For this order will most likely be April 21st, Perfect timing to drop your bees into your equipment in perfect weather. 

We haul our packages in a specially designed climate controlled trailer with air conditioning, 4 forced air fans, and 24 oversized vents. We do everything we can to make sure that your bees arrive happy and healthy.

This order is For pick up at the NCBA Drop off location. Discount available for Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association Members. See NCBA Newsletter for discount code. All customers using discount code will be verified against NCBA roster.

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