About Us

Here at Lazy Bee Ranch we are much more than just beekeepers, or business owners, or farmers; we look at ourselves as stewards of the land and our bees are our muse! The Lazy Bee Ranch "family" is comprised of Zack Owens, Katie Owens, David Prichard and, Lee Aguero.


We are a tight nit "family" of people who all have the same end goal in mind: To produce, extract, and supply the most unadulterated, local, raw, unfiltered, natural, and straight from the hive honey out there. We strive to bring our customers the best honey in the world. We make no compromises ever. Our colonies are cared for with the utmost integrity, not only keeping the benefit of the consumer in mind but also that of our buzzy little friends. Unlike most "natural" beekeepers we never use miticides, insecticides, or antibiotics. We use only natural and organic methods to treat our bees such as vinegar for the control of mites. We have you and your family's satisfaction and interest in mind every step of the way.


Lee is where we got our start. He is one of the most knowledgeable beekeepers the profession has ever seen. Lee has been keeping bees for over a decade now and enjoys nothing more. Katie is Lee's daughter, a third generation beekeeper and is married to Zack. Together the husband and wife have worked side by side with Lee to learn his methods and expand on them, enhancing what is already amazing. David is Zack and Katie’s great friend. David saw the potential of their dreams and made them possible both monetarily and through his immense business knowledge and relationships.


Zack and Katie have recently acquired a property outside of Hudson, CO that houses the extraction and storage facility as well as many of the colonies that produce what we believe is the best honey in the world.